Congratulations to all UNL students who participated in the Nebraska NATS auditions. Break a leg to everyone performing November 2-3 for West Central NATS Regional auditions at UNL!

NE NATS Results 2018

Category 5A
Student:                                                      Teacher:
First Place: Tessa Yeo                                Alisa Belflower
First Place: Mary Drown                              Alisa Belflower
Third Place: Madison Stark                         Alisa Belflower
Third Place: Sammy Cope                          Alisa Belflower

Category 6B
First Place: Sam Galligan                            Alisa Belflower

Category 7A
First Place: Tessa Yao                                Alisa Belflower
Third Place: Madison Stark                         Alisa Belflower

Category 7B
First Place: Samantha Thomas                    Alisa Belflower
Third Place: Karin Berg                                 Jamie Reimer

Category 8B
First Place: Ryan Wortmann                        Jamie Reimer
Second Place: Sam Galligan                         Alisa Belflower

Category 9
First Place: Victoria Handford                     Alisa Belflower
Second Place: Katelyn Hinderer                  Alisa Belflower
Third Place: Abby Kurth                                Alisa Belflower

Category 10
First Place: Matthew Carter                        Alisa Belflower
Second Place: Braxton Carr                         Alisa Belflower
Third Place: Ryan Savage                             Jamie Reimer

Category 11
First Place: Allison Gillespie                        Kevin Hanrahan
Second Place: Victoria Handford                Alisa Belflower
Third Place: Haley Doty                                Jamie Reimer

Category 12
Second Place: Connor Husa                         Bill Shomos
Third Place: Matthew Carter                       Alisa Belflower

Category 13
Third Place: Haley Shoemaker                    Jamie Reimer

Category 14
First Place: Trey Meyer                                 Alisa Belflower